International Communications Consultant & Certified Mediator

After graduating with a master’s in science from the New Zealand University of Otago in 2000, I turned my focus to healthcare communication and PR, working EMEA-wide in national and international biotech, pharma and MedTech companies, like Abbott (Abbvie), Covidien, Baxter, and Medtronic, to name a few.

I became an expert for communicating across a myriad of diseases, and for strategically orchestrated internal and external communications, helping my clients to build and protect reputation of people, products, and brands. Driven by a fascination for conflict, issues & crisis management and the ambition to create impactful communication, I turned towards executive and HR communication, navigating change and other potentially disrupting challenges.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to expand my knowledge in systemic coaching and mediation at the workplace, I started to apply the wisdom of both areas to the daily work, helping teams or individuals to resolve conflicts and collaborate more effectively.

As I became more passionate about mediation, and as a strong believer in the power of the process, I enrolled in a course at the M2 Academy for Mediation in Munich and am proud to be acting as a certified mediator in the areas of separation/divorce, inheritance and workplace mediation.

Today, I focus my time for one part on communication consultancy and for another on mediation.